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Current Opportunities 


We are not currently accepting submissions of collaborative manuscripts. Please check back in early 2018 and look out for further announcements.


Our next planned fiction anthology will be announced soon! Check back for more details.

We are interested in receiving your short stories in preparation for a number of anthologies that we plan to announce in 2017. Although no deadlines are set yet, please don't hesitate to send in your stories for consideration if they fall into any of the following categories:

Birthing Stories. True stories of your labour experience.

Mortifying Moments. These can be based on a true story but told in a fictional tale.

We aim to collate 15 - 20 stories for our anthologies. Submissions should be between 2000 - 6000 words. When we have around 10 stories ready for publication, we will advertise for additional writers and produce artwork for the anthology, so please share this news with your fellow writers.

At this time there is no reading fee. Our anthologies are published in both e-book and print versions. Please have a look at our current anthologies HERE to see what wonderful things our writers are doing! 

Please submit your stories to [email protected]

We will be providing full submission guidelines shortly, however if you have something you would like to submit, please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have!

CWC - Collaborative Fiction Novels.

It is free to participate as a writer for any of our CWC novels that are active or planned. Please check the CWC website for any writing vacancies. 

CWC also hold a short story competition for each collaborative novel. The winning story will be published at the rear of the novel as a stand alone piece, and should be in the same genre as the CWC novel it will feature in. We currently have one active competition, in our Fantasy novel. If you have a suitable short story for this genre, please see HERE for further details.