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Chasing Magic

CWPH presents twenty-two Fantasy stories by international authors, both established and new to the trade. This collection features some of the familiar elements with a twist—from elves and unicorns to witches, talking trees, and dragons—mixed with reworkings of some classics from previously unexplored perspectives and new fantastical tales with their own distinct flavor. 

Delve into these extraordinary worlds and experience the magic, mayhem, mystery, and wonder of 

Chasing Magic. 

The Grim Keepers

Summer is Dying...

Her energy is spent and waning. Collapsed on the forest floor, her body drifts steadily into decay. The cool autumn wind sings her eulogy through the veining limbs as trees lose their amber-honey leaves. The bride of our sultry season beckons us, to meet her, with corpse-like fingers. And in her horrid state; she will not be denied. Her entreaties, hyphenated by malice for refusal, ask you to lay down on a mattress of moldering leaves to fall asleep beside her. She has macabre tales to whisper into you, and she insists that you listen!

By Roy Laurence Daman

Twisted Easter Tails

Twisted Easter Tails delivers you 15 spine tingling stories that will act as the perfect antidote to all that easter sweetness. All our stories are original, themed, and the perfect length for a quick read on your lunch break. 

Festive Frights

A collection of holiday themed horror tales, from reworking of the classics to completely new fiction. Our contributors have pushed the boundaries of their imagination for this anthology bringing you horrifying yet inspiringly original works of fiction.