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About Us

CW Publishing House (CWPH)

CWPH was born from the success of Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC). It was a natural progression to set up a publishing company to accommodate the number of books CWC has planned. Once CWC reached its first birthday, we knew we were on to something. As it grew, we learned so much about the art of collaborative fiction, what works, what doesn't, and how to properly perform consistency edits to ensure each of our books flows into an enjoyable read.

With all the support and a growing fan base, we decided to put together an anthology, as suggested by one of our committed writers. We were really surprised by the interest in this and the standard of short stories we received. A number of our writers also bound together to write their own collaborative novels, and this confirmed what we already knew, that there was a demand for collaborative writing. It suddenly became the right time to build on our plans, and thus CWPH was born!

CWPH's primary focus has been to publish CWC books, but we are very excited to open our doors to all forms of collaborative writing in 2018. Our aim is to be a trusted publisher that will offer feedback on your collaborative works, and have a variety of contracts to suit the needs of multiple authors. We want to get to know you, understand your needs, and provide a full service so you can trust us with your valued work.

We also want to commit to producing fun and provocative anthologies that allow our writers to push their own boundaries whilst delving into something new and exciting.

We will of course be furnishing you with more details and specifics, but for now, please enjoy getting to know the CWPH team a little better! 

Laura Callender - Founder

My first piece of fiction was written when I was only 12 years old. I described in detail how it made me feel to watch my favorite cardigan as it swirled around the washing machine. My teacher gave me praise, but I never really thought much about writing until I reached my early twenties. 

I started with poetry, and then moved on to short stories, eventually progressing to full chapters that matured with me. For me, age and experience really honed my writing ability, and I started to believe that I could one day publish a full length novel. I’m still working towards that goal, but I’m proud to say my first completed book was written for my daughter and published in November 2014. You can find: Jungle Gym - Baby Animals on Amazon, and I have two more children’s books written and planned for the near future. 

Born in Liverpool, England, and raised in North Wales by my wonderful parents, I finally escaped and travelled the world. I met my husband David whilst he was in the UK, and subsequently moved to New York, USA to begin our life together. Our beautiful daughter was the icing on the cake, and she has played a huge part in allowing me to finally realize my decade old dream of organizing a successful collaborative writing project. Seeing this come together has really taught me to never give up on your ideas! With it's success came evolution, and I am extremely excited about the future of CWPH and working with all the talented writers out there that love collaborating as much as I do!  

Kathrin Hutson - Chief Editor

Kat Hutson lives in Grass Valley, California with her husband and their two dogs. She is self-employed through her company KLH CreateWorks as a Fiction Author, Freelance Editor, and Copywriter. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for a Bachelors in Creative Writing Fiction, and her writing focuses in Literary Fiction, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. She has just announced the publication of her Fantasy novel Daughter of the Drackan - which in now available to buy on Amazon, and is currently working on a new Dystopian Sci-Fi. 

Her editing career started in 2010, through which she offers editing and proof-reading services for fiction, business, and scholastic literature. She is a member of and received her copywriting training and certification from American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), and most recently worked with Biokare Health and Wellness, an Alternative Medicine client in Charleston, South Carolina. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and this May received a VIP Award from NAPW for outstanding leadership and ingenuity as a small business owner and entrepreneur.


When she's not passionately consumed by everything writing, she spends her time hiking and exploring the beautiful mountains of northern California, maintaining her 20-year love affair with classical piano, singing and songwriting, and of course curling up with a great book at the end of the day. She is so excited and grateful to be a part of CWC's fantastic projects, and is very much enjoying her first Collaboration as Story Coordinator for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy project ARK. Kat shares Laura's passion for collaborating and is delighted to be part of the CWPH team bringing some some much needed exposure to collaborative works.